Please follow the steps below that is also found in this link.

1. Let’s try out the Current API in the new Market Data API Version 3.0. If you haven’t already authorized, follow the instructions on how to authorize in the How do I authorize and access the API guide.

2. Select the Current API. Select the /v3/value/current/symbol endpoint to retrieve the latest assessments and click the Try it out button,

Or Select the History API. Select the /v3/value/history/symbol endpoint to retrieve the historical assessments.

3. Specify symbol IN ("PCAAS00") in the Filter parameter. You must specify at least 1 symbol in your request. We go into more detail on the available endpoints and filter syntax in our other guides.

4. Select Execute.

5. You have now successfully accessed the API. A Curl, Request URL and Response are returned. The Curl allows you to easily incorporate the API request URL into your scripts and code. If you need to convert your curl command to work with a specific code type or script, then use a tool like Postman to convert. See the How do I convert the API request URL to my code type guide for more help.

For further assistance, please contact us via Live Chat or e-mail at and provide the following information:


Full Name of the current user:

Email Address of the current user: