Registered users are required to access the subscription using an SFTP client (recommended, e.g. Latest version of Filezilla or Winscp). 


Note: Some SFTP clients can be downloaded on the internet for free, but please consult your IT Department to determine the appropriate one to use.


  1. Open SFTP Client
  2. Enter the host and the registered user’s log in credentials on the designated fields.
    • Server name or host:
    • User Name: 
    • Password: 
    • Protocol: SFTP
    • Port: 22

Note: The user name and password are case-sensitive.


Once logged in, the status should indicate successful connection:

3. Select the location / local site where the data should be saved.

4. After successful connection is established, the registered user should double-click the folder labeled Power_Index.

5. Inside Power_Index, the registered user should see a set of folders each labeled with the respective dates in the format <YYYMMDD>. Double-click on the folder to view the MIDC.csv file for the corresponding date.

6. Double-click on the MIDC.csv file to download and save to the location / local site selected in step #3.


The green progress bar should appear to confirm transfer status. Once transfer is 100% complete, the .csv file should appear in the location / local site.

For further assistance, please contact us directly via Live Chat or e-mail and provide the following information:


Full Name of the current user:

Email Address of the current user: