1. Go to https://pmc.spglobal.com

2. Enter the registered user’s email address and password in the designated fields.

3. Click Submit.

4. Mouse-over the More Products tab on the top banner and click on Market Data Snapshot.

5. Under the By Category tab, type the 2- or 3-letter market data category or keywords on the Search field, and view/download either the latest or yesterday’s CSV file by clicking on the Excel icons under the appropriate columns. Click on the zip icon under the column 45 days to view the last 45 days’ prices for the entire market data category.

To get access to historical data more than 45 days back, please contact us directly via Live Chat or e-mail CI.support@spglobal.com, and provide the following information:

Full Name of the current user:

Email Address of the current user: