1. Go to the website https://pmc.spglobal.com and login using your login credentials.

2. Mouse over to More Products then select Market Data Snapshot.

3. You will see two categories (By Category and By Symbol. This is the section where you can access and download your Platts Market Data subscription.

4. By Category means, you have access to an entire category with multiple symbols. By symbol means, you can search for specific symbols using keywords or the specific Platts Symbol (this is useful when you want to check specific symbols without opening an excel file full of symbols included in a category.

5. In the By Category tab, you will see the Product Group, Market Data Category, Description, Symbols (downloadable), Latest (downloadable), Yesterday (downloadable), 45 Days (downloadable).

6. In the By Symbol tab, you can enter a keyword or specific Platts symbol and select the dates. Click Search. You will then see details such as what Market Data Category it belongs to, the Symbol itself, Description, Currency, UOM, Date, and High, Low, Close.

7. Data can be downloaded as a .csv file.