Registered users are required to access Platts market data subscriptions (including price assessments) using an sFTP Platform (recommended, e.g. Latest version of Filezilla or Winscp).

Note: Some sFTP Platform can be downloaded on the internet for free, but please consult your IT Department to determine the appropriate one to use.

1.    Open sFTP Platform 

2.    Enter the host and the registered user's log-in credentials on the designated fields




Port: 22    

Note: The username and password are case-sensitive.

3.    Click on Quickconnect

4.    Once logged in, the status should indicate successful connection:

5.    Select the location / local site where the data should be saved

6.    After successful connection is established, the registered user should see a set of folders which contain current, Commodities_Data and recent historical files for all market data categories included in the subscription

7.    Click on the Commodities_Data Folder to access the data

Note: Market Data is segregated by Commodity packages as per the user’s subscription.

8.    Choose the Commodity Type under the Commodities_Data folder to access the Market data 

9.    The TODAY folder will be containing the data related to today’s cut while the Dated Folder (YYYYMMDD) contains the historical data

10.    Each of these folders contains the .ftp files for each market data category subscribed, for each day these are assessed. Each file contains all the value updates so far today for the symbols in that data category

Note: The market data categories that appear on the screenshot above may differ from what the registered user may see on their screen.

11.    Double-click on the .ftp file/s to download and save to the location / local site selected in step #5

12.     The green progress bar should appear to confirm transfer status. Once transfer is 100% complete, the .ftp file should appear in the location / local site

Note: If the contents of the downloaded .ftp file appear garbled, you may need to select the ASCII option in your FTP client software to adjust the format as you download it.