If the Commodity Insights Excel Add-in ribbon is missing in Excel, refer to instructions on How do I enable the Commodity Insights Excel Add-in?

For connection issue, this is usually resolved by closing all your open Excel worksheets and logging in again. Sometimes, if the Excel was also left idle for a while, it may cause the same error. Please try logging out then log back in to resolve the issue.

For password reset, please refer to How do I reset my Commodity Insights Excel® Add-in password?

Restart your computer and launch Microsoft Excel and then try to log in. If issue still occurs, please refer to your local IT.

Request for your IT Helpdesk to whitelist our domain to make sure that this is not due to a firewall block.

Request: Whitelist the Platts domain to be able to access the Commodity Insights Excel Add-in

DNS: It can be a wildcard *.platts.com or internal.api.platts.com

Port: 443 

Also check with the IT Helpdesk if the requirement/pre-requisites are met on the Commodity Insights Excel Add-in  installation based on the User Guide

For further assistance, please contact us via Live Chat or e-mail at CI.support@spglobal.com and provide the following information:

Full Name of the current user:

Email Address of the current user:

Or call us in our 24/7 Global Support Lines

US:  +1-752-8878

EMEA:  +44 20-716-6111

ASIA: +65 6530-6430